On-Site Seam Panel Fabrication

We now offer on-site fabrication of our profiles in either a traditional double-lock or snap-lock panel.  This ability greatly reduces both waste and lead time for our customers, and provides you with a responsive and flexible alternative to waiting weeks for the delivery of shop fabricated panels to arrive. This service allows any quantity or length adjustments identified on-site to be corrected immediately, eliminating any unnecessary waste and even longer lead times. Please see below for the panel profiles we offer for on-site fabrication.

Trim and Edging Fabrication

Our new fully computerized shop allows trim and edge details to be fabricated prior to the arrival of the New Castle Metal’s seam panel truck.  We can have the details delivered to your job site when needed and/or be delivered with the arrival of the NC Metal Seam Panel Truck. Enabling you to ensure your roof is watertight should there be unseen delays on site, and allowing you to prep the roof prior to other trades being on site that could have led to damage if the full roof system was installed before their trade began.

“Job-Start” Assist

Should you have any hesitations or worries, Field Technicians from our Drexel Metals partner can be present at your job site for installation support and to educate your crew on how to properly install the standing seam system. From start to finish they will teach your crew how to install each detail on your jobsite, ensuring quality workmanship and giving you peace-of-mind.

ES-1 Certified

Our metal shop is ES-1 certified to manufacture a full line of engineered perimeter and edge metal systems for your commercial or residential applications. Providing you with the ability to meet the most stringent code and specification requirements, without the extensive lead times. We offer several profiles including, snap-lock gravel stop, fascia, and spring-lock coping systems, all available in a variety of substrates and colors.  For a full list of what ES-1 Edge metal systems we can offer please visit our Drexel Metals partner website at the following link http://drexmet.com/coping-and-perimeter-edge-edge-systems/edge-metal-systems.

Same Day Plan and Satellite Imaging Take-Offs

No more waiting weeks for an estimate.  As needed our trained estimators can offer you 24 hour turn around on all standard standing seam metal roofing and edge metal take-offs. Whether from a set of plans, or satellite imaging of existing structures, our estimators can help ensure you have everything you require to get the job done right.

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