Delivery Service

We know how important it is for you to have the materials you need on site in order to keep your project moving. At NCBP, making on-time delivery service a top priority is just the beginning of the service and support we provide every day.

Proof of Delivery Notifications

Our proof of delivery service will email you a confirmation that your delivery was made. This offers you the convenience of knowing deliveries have been successful whether you’re at the jobsite or not. The confirmation email will include all of the sales order information, driver name, date and time of delivery, material delivered, and pictures of where the products were delivered. This update in New Castle’s delivery service adds convenience, accessibility, and quality to our top-tier shipping experience that you’ve come to expect. Subscribing to this free service is easy, just click sign up below to enroll.

Professional Service

From the time you place your order until we deliver the job, you have our team working with you to ensure your order is accurate, on time and handled with care.


With a growing fleet of 150+ trucks, we are fully equipped to provide you with the service you need. Whether you require boom or crane service to get material to the roof, or  your looking for our drivers to drop the material with a truck mounted fork lift, we’ve got the equipment to get the job done and the drivers to do it right.

All of our vehicles and equipment are on scheduled maintenance programs to ensure that they meet the NCBP standard. Safety and efficiency are important in everything we do.


Communication is important in every facet of what we do. We’re here to listen to your needs are and to identify the best way for you to get the job done right. No detail is too small when it comes to delivering material to a job site. We’ll be sure to ask the right questions when you place your order and schedule delivery.

Everyone at NCBP is working together with the same goal in mind, to provide our customers the best service possible. And with convenient branches located throughout the Northeast, we’re always looking for the most efficient way to serve our customers.

Inventory Management

We’re always looking for the best way to improve inventory management, from smarter buying to analyzing sales data. Our goal is to always have what you need in stock and ready for delivery.

As our company grows, so does our inventory. We pride ourselves in having a seamless inventory across all of our branches. With trucks doing daily runs between our branches, we’re able to get you material to your nearest branch in a timely manner. When you place an order with any NCBP branch, you’ve got the entire company working for you.