Tapered Insulation Estimating Department

At New Castle Building Products, we recognize how complex the important responsibility of installing a tapered roof insulation system can be. Our in-house tapered insulation estimating department is here to help you through the entire process from bidding the job to laying the final pieces in place for both new construction and replacement roofs.

We’re happy to provide this completely FREE service with care and attention to detail to help you get the job done right the first time. Taking your rough drawings, a NCBP Professional Tapered Estimator will assess each job’s unique factors and produce a complete and accurate layout with a quick turnaround.

The Importance of Tapered Roof Insulation

Improper drainage on commercial roofs will lead to ponding, or standing water on the membrane which can cause major leaks, bacterial and unwanted plant growth and/or splitting and cracking of the deck structure which will all shorten the life and warranty of the membrane.

The design of a properly installed tapered roof will prevent harmful water damage as water naturally flows to specified drainage points throughout the roof, extending the life of the roof and eliminating costly repairs.

Your NCBP Tapered Department

Take advantage of our FREE service and add a NCBP Professional Tapered Estimator to your team. The tapered department works closely with your sales representative to find out your needs for the job. This ensures that you provide your client with proper protection and a job well done all while eliminating waste by clearly laying out the materials you need for the job.

We’re here for you from start to finish. We maintain a full inventory of tapered insulation and we’ll work out a delivery schedule to keep the job moving.

Call today and ask for our tapered department for more information and to start the job right. Let us help you become the tapered roofing insulation specialist that your clients expect.